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Training and Workshops

Customized Training

Mincu & Associates designs and delivers training and leads workshops in all manner of "soft skill" subjects. Our training is highly interactive, and is customized and tailored to each specific client situation.

Live Theater Option

We can offer workshops that utilize live actors to emphasize learning and make training especially enjoyable. Acting and improvisation works particularly well in demonstrating leadership skills, behavioral styles, communication skills and effective meetings.

Coaching Add-On

Recent studies show that retaining knowledge gained in training is far more effective when it is followed up with one-to-one coaching on the subject. We can create a program that integrates training and coaching to make sure the desired new behaviors are being practiced effectively. With communication skills, coaching provides a safe environment to try out new ways of communicating.

Here are just a few of the workshops Bonnie Mincu has developed and delivered:

Training, Workshops & Seminars

  • Team Development - Full day using live actors. Presented to five different groups at ad agency to help client-centered teams of account, creative and production people work together better.

  • Systems Thinking - Two-day training built around client-specific case study to help senior management team think more systemically. Goal was to retain clients through higher quality.

  • Strategic Planning - Two-day offsite for top two levels of management (60 people). Five facilitators worked with the group in combination of full-room and break-out sessions to work on specific issues interdepartmentally - which had never been done before.

  • Change Management Workshop - Designed to be part of a large change management process, this workshop familiarizes change leaders and change agents with their role, and with the dynamics of how people react to change. (See "Creating Successful Organizational Change.")

  • Leadership & Communication in an Empowered Environment - Bank division needed managers to learn to behavior in a more empowering manner towards their staff. Training encompassed seven 2-hour modules, covering empowerment, leadership style and communication skills.

  • Interpersonal Team Dynamics - Facilitated better group process using Myers-Briggs and other behavioral style instruments. Several sessions were held as "group coaching" over two months.

  • Leading Effective Meetings - Two-hour course for managers and project leaders who need to ensure that every meeting has a purpose and forwards the action.

  • Communication Skills for New Supervisors - Operations division needed different style of leadership following a redesign. Supervisors had to learn to lead in a different way as well as learning managerial basics.

  • Cross-Department Understanding - Two-day offsite was held for global airline's Payroll and Human Resources departments to understand each other's work processes and how they affected each other.

  • Managing the Transition - Created and delivered training on process for managers on how to work with employees leaving, and those remaining bidding on jobs all over the company, when 10% of the workforce accepted a voluntary severance.