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Change Management

What is Change Management?

Change Management is the process in an organization that ensures that people's expectations are managed to allow a change to move forward smoothly. Most people are resistant to having their expectations disrupted. When people in an organization understand the purpose and benefits of a change, and can anticipate the training and support that will take place to help them through the change, they will accept change far more readily.

Organizations who jumped onto the Reengineering bandwagon in the '80's learned some hard lessons. More than 85% of those surveyed following a large-scale reengineering effort reported that the goals were not reached and the reengineering could not be considered successful. Most often, the reasons were attributed - not to a problem in the technical process - but to failing to account for the human factor!

The Mincu Approach to Change Management Consulting

As a Change Management consultant, I utilize a combination of consulting, coaching and training to help change leaders and project managers accomplish their goals. I have directed and facilitated the Change Management component of many different kinds of organizational change, including cultural change, technology implementation and redesign.

Some examples of my past projects are:

Success in Change Management

There are eight key factors that are critical to success in a Change Management process, listed in my white paper, "Creating Successful Organizational Change". If any one of these are missing or glossed over, they can negate the success of the change. My Change Management Workshop trains project team leaders, managers and change agents on the process of instigating successful change in the organization.

Your Organization's Profile

Few organizations are equally strong or weak on all points of managing change. You can assess your organization's strengths and weaknesses in each critical change area by estimating past change efforts, and plotting them on the graph below. Consider how your organization has performed in the past in each aspect of managing change projects. Ask some of your colleagues at different levels how they would rate the organization. You may find an interesting difference in perception between how the leaders of change perceive the process, versus the people who were the targets of change!